Wednesday, July 09, 2008

EcoBoxes for use at Sarawak Rainforest World Music Festival

KUCHING: Some 100,000 EcoBoxes will be distributed free of charge to food vendors selling food at the coming Rainforest World Music Festival (11th RWMF) 2008 which will kick off on July 11 (Friday).

Makan-Media Managing Director Issac Lee said, the boxes are bio-degradeable and supposedly to be more healhier than polystyrene containers.

“Given the adverse information on polystyrene, no food outlets today will serve food in polystyrene boxes. Consumers in today’s modern and health conscious world are well versed on the negative impacts associated with polystyrene.

“It is for that reason that many countries in the world are banning the use of this hazardous material,” said Lee when handing over the boxes to the Minister of Urban Development and Urbanisation Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh at the latter’s office here yesterday.

He said the boxes were manufactured locally.

Lee added that EcoBox is an environmentally positive step in food packaging that brings messages straight into the hands of consumers, joining them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, everyday.

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