Thursday, June 03, 2010

20 groups for Sarawak Rainforest World Music Festival

TWENTY groups from all continents, including two from Sarawak, will be performing at the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) from July 9 to 11 this year.

Bands include Reelroad’b from Russia, Novalima (Peru), I Beddi (Italy) and Braagas (Czech), while Sarawak will be represented by Pingasan’k, a Bidayuh band from Kampung Benuk, and Bakieh, a group based at Sarawak Cultural village (SCV).

“We hope the two local Sarawakian groups will carve a name for themselves during the festival, when they will be given the chance to perform alongside world-class performers,” a Sarawak Tourism Board statement said.

“Come rain or shine, the festival is expected to draw more than 22,000 revellers over the weekend. STB hopes that 60% of the audience will come from outside Sarawak.”

The other bands are Bisserov Sisters (Bulgaria), De Temps Antan (Canada), Minuit Guibolles (France), Layatharanga (India), Farafina Burkina Faso (Mali), Kimura-Ono-Duo (Japan), Debu (Indonesia), Galadum Galundaina (Portugal), Monster Ceilidh Band, (UK) Shanbehzadeh Ensemble (Iran), Leila Negrau (Reunion Island), Yerboli (China), Musafir Gypsies, (Rajasthan), Codey Ledet and his Zydeco Band (USA).

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