Friday, June 25, 2010

Paradise found at Mabul Resort

MELBOURNE: There are few places worth traveling across the world for, and Mabul Sipadan Resort, on the east coast of Sabah is one of them, says Australian jounallist Annie Hall, who recently holidayed in Sabah with her family.

She said tourists from Europe, America, Japan, China and Australia visited Mabul to enjoy the peaceful tropical paradise there.

“They have another reason to come to Mabul. It’s a short boat ride from Sipadan Island, renowned throughout the world as a diving site and described by the late Jacques Cousteau as an untouched work of art,” said Hall.

Hall is the deputy chief sub-editor of the Leader Group of Newspapers, which has a readership of 1.8 million people here.

“We weren’t diving at Sipadan, but snorkeling for the day at three sites,” she said.

“The brilliant blue waters of the Celebes Sea give no clue to the remarkable treasures that lie beneath. But pull on the flippers, put on a goggle, then fall out of the speedboat, and you’re in for a shock”.


Hall said the reefs around Sipadan were a landscape of extraordinary form and colour, the result of coral growing on an extinct volcano.

“Swimming in it is the most incredible profusion of marine life. Hawksbill turtles had an effortless grace underwater, they swam close by and were so numerous, some small as a hand, others the size of a table.

“Darting among them was the most amazing array of tropical fish that could be imagined; suffice to say that more than 3,000 species have been classified around Sipadan.”

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