Monday, June 28, 2010

Sabah to attempt first paragliding flight from Mt Kinabalu to tip of Borneo

TAMPARULI: Come next year, plans are underway to notch up a record for the first paragliding flight from the vicinity of the summit of Mount Kinabalu to the Tip of Borneo, in the northern-most district of Kudat.

Local paragliding company Borneo Air Sport Ozone Adventures is now working with the Sabah Tourism Board to see the attempt by a local in either March or April. The company’s instructor, Bruce Patrick Soimil, said the idea came about after a German had hang-glided from Laban Rata at Mount Kinabalu to Mesilau in 1985. Only this time, Soimil wants to take it a step further and set a record for a local instead.

In an interview with Bernama yesterday, he said the company had identified a person for the record attempt and that the board’s response to the idea was “most welcoming”.

Meanwhile, the Sabah Malaysian Borneo XC (Cross Country) 2010, the first world-class paragliding event held at Tamparuli, ended yesterday. During the event, weather and wind conditions proved challenging to the participants since last Friday.

Borneo Air Sport Ozone Adventures, together with the Tuaran District Office and Tamparuli Sub-district office, have jointly organised the three-day event at Ruhiang Hill, Tamparuli. It is aimed at boosting the tourism industry there, while promoting paragliding as a sport.

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