Monday, June 21, 2010

Kunak’s hidden tourist attractions

KUNAK: The district of Kunak has some of the best tourist attractions in Sabah which many people are unaware of.

Besides the Madai Cave which is well known for its bird’s nest farming and ancient history, the other attraction is the underground tunnel built by the Japanese during World War Two.

Recently, a group of State Information Department staff from the National Policy Publication Section discovered the beautiful attractions of Kunak.

The eight-kilometer long tunnel that branches into four directions is located within the grounds of the Sime Darby plantation. It is about 12 kilometers from Kunak town. The secret tunnel is believed to be used by the Japanese Army to ferry and store weapons.

It is big enough to allow a 10-wheel truck to pass through and was accidentally discovered in the 1970’s by the Ibans who were tasked to clear up the jungle. They initially discovered a section of the tunnel that had collapsed.

The tunnel that is four meters in diameter leaves many questions unanswered like where it begins and ends.

Even now there are no official records on the tunnel. There are even some who believe that the tunnel reaches the Sulawesi Sea.

According to the elders in the district, some have tried to explore the tunnel to reveal its secrets but failed to go in further as there was no air in the tunnel.

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