Saturday, June 26, 2010

Go native at Hilton Kuching’s ultimate dinner buffet

KUCHING: Hilton Kuching’s ultimate dinner buffet ‘Hilton Goes Native’ is now wooing patrons at its Waterfront Cafe.

Menu comprises mainly traditional dishes from various cultures and races in Sarawak, with ingredients derived from local producers and organic ingredients from sustainable sources.

Among the hot dishes guaranteed to satisfy every taste bud are the Batang Lupar fried rock salt prawns, fried long beans with shrimp paste, local spinach cooked with coconut milk and smoked fish and lamb cutlet with local spices.

Seafood lovers who crave for local flavours can opt for the seafood platter, mussels, snapper and terrine, and have the poached fish fillet with local herbs infused dressing.

Those who enjoy a good bowl of soup can try the clear chicken soup with coconut and Sarawak pepper, while the Batang Ai smoked fish with sour eggplant soup will please those who love fish soups.

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