Thursday, June 10, 2010

Borneo Highlands Resort cares for the environment

BIRDS represent a remarkable life form. They have conquered the skies, and have adapted to every single environment on this planet, including the vast open seas.

As a group, they exhibit the most diverse range of physical adaptations to their surroundings.

Their powers of navigation baffle us. Their colours and form feed our imagination and their character enriches our lives.

Individually we can all gain from observing nature by learning about birds, other wildlife and the local countryside.

These can be possible at the Important Birds Areas (IBAs), which is defined as a priority site for conservation of threatened range of birds.

This key site is often already part of a protected area, which supports a wide array of flora and fauna.

The IBA programmes began in 1997 with guidance and assistance from the Malaysian Nature Society-Bird Conservation Council (BCC).

There are 55 IBAs in Malaysia with Sarawak having the most, with 22. Others are in Sabah (15) and Peninsular Malaysia (18).

One of the IBAs in Sarawak is at Borneo Highlands Resort, located at Mount Penrissen. With the support of the MNS, the resort was the first in East Malaysia to launch such status.

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