Thursday, June 10, 2010

Habiba Suites cash in on Sabah’s tourism growth

KOTA KINABALU: Tourism revenue continues to grow in Sabah, with more visitors arriving on its shores, in search of unique holiday experiences.

While most sectors try to take advantage of the currency flow that foreign tourists bring on their vacations to the state, no one is capitalising on it more than the hotel industry.

Lodging homes and hotels of all sorts have been seen popping up, in and around the city recently, providing more rooms for tourists, and thus complimenting the industry’s growth.

But with little concept variation from one hotel to the other – limited often by the location of the establishments – one local company has broken away from the conventional hotel image that line city streets.

The latest player to step into the profit gallery in the rooms market, is Rimaforce Sdn Bhd, with its apartment hotel property, Habiba Suites.

Rimaforce managing director, Habiba Abdullah said the company’s objective is to capture a share of the rooms market. She is confident the alternative concept of Habiba Suites, would appeal to both domestic and foreign tourists.

“Habiba Suites offer comfortably furnished apartment suites for travelling groups who prefer a quiet, peaceful environment over the busy atmosphere of hotels along the city streets.

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