Thursday, May 04, 2006

Two New Mulu Eco Adventure Vacation Tour Packages

Mulu Pinnacles Mulu breathtaking Pinnacles
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Mulu Clear Water Tubing
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Please kindly find two recently added Mulu Pinnacles related eco adventure vacation packages that are currently only available at

From mountain biking and hiking to Mulu Pinnacles climbing and caving, and from trekking the infamous Headhunter's Trail to water tubing, these two newly designed packages will entrall you with an unforgettable adventure vacation in Borneo.

Categorized as "most strenous", these tours are essentially suitable for adventure vacation enthusiasts that are extremely fit. However, you can always choose to do a relaxing and easy-going holiday after a tough week of a breathless adventure.

For more tour information and details of itinerary, please visit the links below: