Saturday, November 14, 2009

AirAsia sets world record for ticket sales

KUCHING: AirAsia set a new world record with its latest 1 Million Free Seats Campaign launched on Nov 11 and then broke it the next day. Navitaire, the host reservation provider that powers booking engines to an extensive number of airlines around the world, announced that AirAsia set a new international sales record with 402,222 seats snapped up in the 24-hour period after the campaign was launched.

But even before the ink was dry on the announcement, industry experts confirmed that AirAsia had broken its own new world record when another 489,000 seats were snapped up in the second 24-hour period.

AirAsia group deputy CEO Datuk Kamarudin Meranun lauded the achievement, saying: “This is amazing news. It’s remarkable that we are setting world records in just seven short years as a low-fare carrier, trumping established and renowned airlines. We are blazing new trails and our brand has gone global.”

Kamarudin said in a press statement: “It is an accomplishment not just for AirAsia, but for Malaysia and Asean. The region’s largest low-fare carrier is demonstrating that Asean companies can take on the best and beat them.

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