Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sarawak tourism players told to tap China tourists

KUCHING: State tourism players must tap the growing China market from where two billion tourists are expected to visit places around the world by 2020.

Second Finance Minister Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh who made this point last Friday night believed that China would continue to thrive and become a giant power with an influential global role.

“It is a hard fact that China has become the new world economy indicator. It has the power to generate more wealth. Following the establishment of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China, the economies of Sarawak and Kuching can improve for the better.

“And there can also be more collaborations in cultural and educational fields,” he said at a welcoming dinner for the Business Investigation Delegation of Kunming Municipal Government at Dewan Masyarakat here.

Wong, who is also Minister of Environment and Public Health, pointed out that trade volume between Malaysia and China had increased by leaps and bounds in the last three decades. In 1974, the trade volume was US$160 million; last year it was US$53.4 billion, he said.

He said Kunming and Kuching or the state in general shared some similarities given that both were homes to more than 20 ethnic groups which live harmoniously together.

“Although there are different groups of people, they live amicably besides seeking mutual understanding to further strengthen their relationships and goodwill.

“It is not difficult for us, people of Kunming and Kuching to foster closer rapport since the diplomatic relations of both countries were established 35 years ago,” he added.

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