Friday, November 20, 2009

Eastar Jet starts flights to Kuching next month

KUCHING: Seoul-based low cost airline Eastar Jet will be making 11 scheduled chartered flights here starting next month, bringing into Sarawak 1,300 tourists from South Korea.

Eastar Jet chairman and chief executive officer Lee Sang-Jik said the flights which commence on Dec 24 would be like an early Christmas gift to the people in the state from the Koreans.

He said Kuching would be a perfect escape for Koreans from the winter back home, as well as provide golf-crazy Koreans a cheaper and warmer place to play golf.

According to him, South Korea has the highest per capita percentage of golf players in the world with eight million out of its population of 48 million people into it.

The weather in South Korea can be as cold as minus-six degrees Celsius during winter.

“Kuching is our first destination in Malaysia. If the response is good, we will also be looking into flights to Miri."

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