Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two new tourist attractions in Sibu

SIBU: Relentless efforts by the relevant authorities in the local tourism industry are now beginning to show results.

“There are now quite a number of tourist spots here which have been identified and promoted by the tourism authorities that should be taken advantage of by local tour operators and tourism industry players,” a Sarawak Tourism Board officer, Rudy Anoi told Eastern Times here, yesterday.

According to Rudy the latest tourist attraction here would be the BASE Jumping.

“The event being a niche market attracted hundreds of die-hard followers from overseas. Like those loyal tourists of Pandaw River Cruise, the BASE Jump parachuting activities around the world attract loyal fans and go almost everywhere the activities are held,” he said.

As such, he said the potential of these tourists coming to Sibu in the future is great as efforts are being made to promote the yearly Sibu BASE Jump overseas.

“It has been proposed that the KL BASE Jump will coincide with the BASE Jump’s 10th anniversary and will be held on October 10, 2010. A week later, it will be held here,” Rudy said.

Seeing another great tourist attraction for Sibu, Rudy, who has a great passion for identifying and promoting Sibu’s tourism potentials said local tour operators should take the initiative to work with organisers of the BASE Jump or Sarawak Tourism Board in the making the event a success.

“The recent jump has not yet attracted a really huge crowd as it has not been promoted extensively among the network of the BASE Jump organization,” he explained.

Two of the participants, namely the USA and Singapore jumpers, during the recent jump had brought their wives along. Rudy said the wives could spread the words around and encouraged friends, fans and family members to come to Sibu.

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