Friday, November 20, 2009

Padawan - Priceless experience

Padawan is a tourist magnet of sorts, with attractions that include the fascinating hot spring and authentic Bidayuh longhouse in Anah Rais as well as the majestic Borneo Highlands Resort just nearby.

The predominantly Bidayuh area is not only home to some of the most exotic varieties flora and fauna, but it also boasts a diversity of cultures of the people who thrive there.

The best time to experience the local culture in Padawan and at the same time have tons of fun is during the Padawan River Safari, a bamboo rafting competition organised by the Padawan municipal council.

The Padawan River Safari is slowly but surely attracting both locals and foreigners alike to this beautiful part of Sarawak. This recreational sporting event brings everyone together and allows them a chance to get a hands-on experience in building a raft out of bamboo extracted fresh out of the surrounding jungle.

This writer as well as fellow journalists recently went to Kampung Danu where this exciting event began, then straight off to Kampung Git where it ended and a colourful fiesta awaited.

A test of knowledge and skills

The recent Padawan River Safari was like a test of knowledge and skills to see how good the participants were in making use of what nature has to offer, and how well they could manoeuvre through rapid waters of Sungei Sarawak Kanan in a raft built with bamboo canes according to the required specifications set by the organiser.

It was a great opportunity, especially for the foreign participants, to experience how our ancestors moved about from one destination to another in the past using nothing more than what Mother Nature had to offer.

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