Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bau Junk Regatta can be a tourist draw

BAU: The Junk Regatta can be a stepping stone to develop Bau into a tourist attraction.

Tasik Biru assemblyman Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie said this at the opening of the regatta here yesterday.

“The regatta is a unique event in the state and country. We should capitalise on the uniqueness of this event and promote the junk as our tourism icon,” he said.

Nansian asked the council to explore this potential so souvenirs of junks could be produced and even a junk museum set up.

“The bigger picture is to promote Bau as a tourism hub. The junk regatta is just the tip of the marketing potential. We develop one part, the rest will also reap the benefit. Don’t just be confined to the event itself,” Nansian said.

“The event must be held annually without fail. We must push for it to be added to the state tourism calendar of events. It must be held here so we can use Tasik Biru as a tourism asset for the town.

“Bau is in a strategic location as it is not far from Kuching. The surrounding beauty will provide tourism opportunity. The junk regatta can be a product that gives publicity to the town. As we draw tourists in, we could add more side events.”

Nansian suggested that the council hire a professional event management company to manage the event, attract sponsors and generate publicity.

From there, the council could make the event bigger to attract a bigger crowd each year.

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