Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sabah Tourism Upcoming Event: Bamboo Music Festival, Tamparuli

Date: 25 November 2009

The mention of bamboo being used to manufacture beer, diapers, perfume and even antiseptic may raise an eyebrow or two. But in Sabah, this multi-purpose and readily renewable resource is most famous for producing wind and percussion instruments such as the sompoton (bamboo aerophone), bungkau (jaw harp) and seruling (flute).

Dance away at the Dewan Tun Hamdan, Tamparuli on 25 November as the famed Kinabalu Bamboo Orchestra takes centre stage. And cheer on participants of the creative solo, group and monogunggak (bamboo idiophone) competitions. Outdoor activities include the bamboo raft and house model building contests, and the rampanau (bamboo stilt-walking) race.

Persatuan OMBAK / Pejabat Daerah Kecil Tamparuli

For further info:
Tel: 013-876 0358 (Jane Thing) Tel: 088 782357 / 782154 (Edip Abdun)
Fax: 088 782871

Source: Sabah Tourism

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