Tuesday, June 16, 2015

DIY Kuching City Tour

The complex cultures of Kuching make for a really enjoyable city tour!

The city is filled with temples, museums and monuments that are all really easily accessible on foot.

We started our tour on the waterfront, but only later realised that there’s actually a set guided history tour that can be followed along the waterfront by way of a number of metal plaques affixed to the floor.

As we were staying at the bottom end of jalan padungan, we joined the water front at its very beginning, near the Hilton hotel.

From here you can go right instead of left, but there’s only really a few fishing boats opposite the grand margarita hotel.

Best to head towards the main bazaar! We had thought there would be a few more foodie stalls along the esplanade but it was only really a bit busier on the weekend. Still, it’s a really nice place for a sunset walk and a bit of a base from which to explore the rest of the museums.

A number of small boat jettys are dotted along its length, which for 0.40 (9p) ringgit a ride will take you across the river to the other half of Kuching city.

First stop for us was the Chinese museum and the Tua Pek Kong Temple which are situated opposite each other.

Entry was free and the museum houses a really interesting exhibition about the Chinese community in Kuching, including the history of their migration and their role within the modern city.

Architecturally the temple was stunning, just a shame it’s in the middle of 3 main roads!

Crossing the road to the right of the temple takes you to the main bazaar road, the oldest street in the city with a great selection of souvenir shops situated in the old Chinese shophouses.

This is also a great place to try Kek Lapis, a Sarawak speciality made from the thinnest layers of flavoured cake, all in different flavours and colours.

Some of the designs are amazing! A lot of the ladies who sell the cakes come from the traditional Malay villages across the river to sell their produce. Actually really yummy! 

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