Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Child Friendly Guide to Brunei

I only spent two days in tine Brunei, and if you are sticking to the capital, well that’s probably all the time you need.

Brunei is a country that is gotten rich off the petroleum industry, so tourism is not one of it’s focuses.

And from what I saw, there are not a lot of tourists demanding services there either.

Staying in Brunei with a Child

There is not a lot of tourism in Brunei, and therefore, there are not a lot of accommodation options.

In fact there are so few options, that don’t expect to get your standard South East Asian accommodation deal.

Most hotels cater to business travellers and as such, as not normally cheap or family friendly.

We did find one option though. We wanted a room that was walking distance to the city centre, and one that offered airport pick up.

Jacob and I arrived late at night at the airport, so having airport pick up was essential.

We ended up staying at the Jubilee Hotel Brunei.

We booked the cheapest standard room that came with breakfast and were absolutely awestruck at the room we received.

It had a balcony, a huge bathroom with a bathtub, a separate bedroom, a sitting room, and a kitchen table.

It even had laundry rack on the balcony for drying clothes. It was only slightly smaller than our apartment in Melbourne.

And that was the smallest room. Families travelling with more than one child will be happy to know that they even have 2 bedroom suites as well.

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