Monday, June 15, 2015

Lahad Datu and Danum Valley

Today we move to a new lodge, the Borneo Rainforest Lodge, which is the most luxurious we have experienced thus far during the tour.

It is a 2-hour drive by van to the village of Lahad Datu.

This part of the journey crosses through endless plantations of palm oil trees, and it is sickening to see how much of the jungle has been destroyed for this purpose.

In Lahad Datu we change vehicles and tour operators and proceed into the primary rainforest in 4-wheel drive Toyota Landcruisers.

The lodge is in a forest conservation area called the Danum Valley, and the drive is spectacular even if it is on bumpy unpaved roads.

The road is without much traffic, so we come across wild things as we go – macaque monkeys, a wild pig, a monitor lizard, and a pair of hornbills.

After an orientation at the lodge we have some free time to use the internet and enjoy a buffet lunch before checking into our rooms.

During the afternoon the skies open and there is a heavy downpour.

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