Monday, June 15, 2015

Orangutans, Sun Bears and Discovering The Rainforest!

Today was awesome! It began bright and early with breakfast at the hostel, which for me was a lot of toast since everyone else had egg.

Straight after breakfast, we got the free shuttle to Sepilok for an animal related day.

Our first stop was the Orangutan Rehab Centre. I had mixed feelings about going here but actually really enjoyed it.

We paid to get in, went and put our bags in the lockers provided (we're not allowed to take bags in for obvious orang-mugging reasons) and headed straight to the feeding platform.

There were two orangs hanging around already, with some more hanging around in trees in the distance, but when they arrived to put the food on the platform, both orangs who were waiting nearby, came down to the platform and started tucking in. Closely followed by a pig tailed macaque.

One of the orangs decided she definitely wasn't happy with the macaque stealing her food so she saw him off, but then ran off herself not long after!

Once we finished watching the last orang at the feeding platform, we headed to the nursery to see the younger orangs.

When we got there, we could see three babies hanging around the main viewing area, but not long later, when a keeper turned up with food, another four babies turned up because they have access to the whole sanctuary and can come and go as they please.

Some of the babies formed a little group and were like the orang Mafia, terrorising another one and all moving off into the forest together, such a weird thing to see since orangs are solitary, but funny all the same.

The best part of watching the babies though was one little one who was very proud of her brachiating skills and showed them off by swinging very elaborately from side to side, probably wasting a stupid amount of energy, but having a lovely time all the same!