Saturday, June 06, 2015

Mount Kinabalu closed indefinitely

KUNDASANG, RANAU: The Kinabalu world heritage site is now closed indefinitely, said Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Sabah Parks Dato’ Seri Dr Tengku Zainal Adlin.

He told The Borneo Post that after the quake, the mountain facade would definitely have changed but he could not ascertain how much yet.

He disclosed in the last two years, some 50,000 have climbed the mountain annually, contributing about RM9 million to the conservation of the park.

He added that the number has been the maximum because each time only 192 participants are allowed to take the challenge to conquer Low’s Peak which is the highest in South East Asia at 4095.2 meter.

According to OCPD of Ranau DSP Farhan Lee Abdullah, two-pronged efforts were conducted in the search and rescue operation to look for the remaining missing victims.

Helicopter evacuation has been carried out since yesterday but due to poor weather conditions where thick fog formed as early as 8 am, helicopters had been experiencing difficulties airlifting dire victims.

The Search and Rescue Team consisted of 48 personnel from different departments such as Bomba, SMART Team and park rangers are still up in the mountain to look for the remaining missing victims on foot.