Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wonderful Wild Life Experience - Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre

After the 40-minute flight we were met and began the next stage of a very busy and fun day.

Excited that we were about to see the Orang-utans at one of 5 Orang-utan sanctuaries in the world.

The rehabilitation centre, established in 1964, now covers 40 sq km and is one of Sabah's top tourist attractions.

Orphaned and injured orang-utans are brought to the centre to be rehabilitated and returned to the forest.

We arrived about 830, in time for a briefing by an Irish volunteer from the major fundraiser and a video of their work.

Sue is now sponsoring the raising of Peanut, a very young infant; it's my gift from this trip. The UK appeal will send a range of material and regular updates.

They are fed twice a day, coming to the feeding platform, but as they are wild animals there is a chance that no animals will appear at feeding time.

We were lucky to see two, one of whom appeared from behind where we were standing.

She went straight for a woman standing near me, who began screaming "Neil, Neil, Neil (her partner).

Neil was no help in her hour of need . . . . . may be a sign of things to come if they stay together . . .

After the excitement of the feeding we went to the Nursery where very young Orang-utans are trained in the basic skills they will need to return to the jungle.

We saw volunteer handlers working with them, it was a much better experience than watching the feeding .

Across the road from the centre is the Borneo Sun Bear conservation centre.

The sun bear is the world's smallest bear species as well as one of the most threatened. Named for a splotch of yellow fur that spreads across their chests. 

I bought a great black T-shirt with the yellow splotch .