Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Fat Girl's Food Guide: 10 Must Eats in Sabah, Borneo

As you may have seen from my instagram feed, we have been relaxing and enjoying a fabulous vacation on the beautiful island of Borneo.

Borneo is famed for its luscious rain-forests, wildlife, and monkeys, but it also has some incredible food.

While our time was short and we didn’t get to try as many dishes as we would have liked, we were lucky to have more than enough to make a top ten.

1. Satay

Satay is probably one of Malaysia’s most famous dishes, and for very good reason, it’s bloody delicious!

You can find good satay pretty much everywhere but we were lucky enough to have our resort’s head chef prepare some us specially.

The delicious little sticks of meat, usually chicken or beef, are cooked with handful of spices and lemongrass and then barbecued to give them their unique flavour.

They are then served with a scrummy dipping sauce usually made with coconut and peanuts among other things.

2. Butter Tiger Prawns

Tiger prawns are a specialty in Sabah, because they are found locally.

They also grow to a humungous size, thanks to the great conditions of the Mengkabong river. 

We tried them two ways, wet and dry. While the wet sauce was absolutely divine, it did make them very hard to eat if you didn’t want to spit out the shells.

I have no idea what the etiquette of eating them is, but I preferred to get my hands messy and de-shell them before eating them.

3. Soto

At both of our fantastic hotels, they offered Sota for breakfast which was a delicious local noodle dish.

A selection of different noodles were available then we added the different vegetables and meats.

If you are fan of noodle soups then you are sure to want to give this Indonesian classic one a try.