Friday, May 05, 2017

Labuan Chimney Run to promote Labuan’s historical chimney

LABUAN: The Labuan Chimney Run 2017 will be held on July 8 targeting thousands of local and international runners.

The objectives of this run are to promote healthy lifestyle and to boost one of the historic tourism spots in Labuan which is a well-known mystery chimney, located a Tanjung Kubong.

The chimney was built in the 80’s with 23,000 pieces of red bricks which were imported all the way from England.

With the height of 106 feet, the structure is similar to that of British and the usage of it is still a mystery up till today.

This Labuan tourism icon has been awarded the International Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice and Sustainable Development in 2013 in the category of historic building architecture.

The international award by The Green Organisation, the United Kingdom allows Labuan to be selected as The Green Ambassador 2014 for that category.

The route of the run is selected to emphasize the scenic and beautiful natures of Lumuk Temiang, Sungai Miri and Tanjung Aru where runners will experience two running surfaces such as road and hills.