Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mark's Hikes & Travels: Niah National Park, Borneo

Niah is a national park centred around the huge Niah Cave which has anthropological significance.

There is a lot (relatively speaking) of rainforest surrounding the cave, but I didn’t have time to explore that and was focussed on the cave including its burial sites and paintings.

I had to repeat steps of my previous journey, but made this easier on myself by sharing a ride with some people heading to Brunei.

I picked a company and was dumped over the wheel arches of a bus which was meant to leave at 07.45, but, I assume, was only allowed to leave once the 08.00 bus had left.

Whilst I am getting  better at rolling with transport in Asia (Japan excepted of course) with a ‘don’t worry be happy’ attitude my highly strung nature means I get a bit bent out of shape where I shouldn’t.

Happily I am British and repressed so my being disgruntled doesn’t impact on anyone other than my own blood pressure I assume.

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