Thursday, May 04, 2017

Sarawak Kayans to hold their harvest festival on May 17

KUCHING: The Sarawak Kayan Women Association (Persatuan Wanita Kayan Sarawak) will organize the Lunau Kayan Festival 2017 on May 17 at the Imperial Hotel here.

“The word ‘Lunau’ is the Kayan term of harvest. ‘Pesta Lunau’ refers to paddy harvesting which is called ‘Ngelunau’,” said organising chairperson Roselyn L. Lah at a press conference here yesterday.

She said the festival was first celebrated outside Baram  in Miri in 2014 and in Kuching the next year.

Roselyn said  the celebration of the Lunau Kayan festival is to give the Kayan community especially the younger generation a sense of identity and belonging in Sarawak’s multicultural and multiethnic society as well as to provide a platform for fellowship and celebration for the Kayan people.

“This is also to promote friendship amongst members and bring people of all races together thus fostering better understanding and unity among the communities. To youths of Kayan community who may be experiencing cultural dilemma, alienation and values disorientation in the light of rapid social change, we hope that this celebration

will help them to regain their cultural consciousness and realise in time that they have much to value and be proud of in the wealth of their unique natural and cultural heritage,” she said.

Apart from Kayan traditions and culture display that night, one of the highlights is the crowning of Keligit Lunau 2017, a beauty pageant to showcase the beauty of Kayan maidens dressed in colourful Kayan costume. Eight finalists from Sarawak will be vying for the crown this year.