Monday, May 29, 2017

Mark's Hikes & Travels: Mulu National Park

Mulu Park is in east of Sarawak just south of Brunei and isn’t accessible by road – it’s a day’s journey by boat or a short hop in a plane.

There is very little the other side of that journey in terms of amenities – it’s the park and a number of homestay like accommodation – oh and a Marriott for those with deep pockets.

The place I was staying at, Mulu Village, was at the end of the road and a 10 minute cycle to the park.

The headquarters are organised really well and I booked my activities for the next few days.

I had tried to get onto the Pinnacles trek, but they were out of places and so that’s one for the next time.

The day had worn on and I decided for a quick jaunt round some of the forest near the HQ.

The evening gave way to gorgeous sunset with storms flickering on the distant horizon.

The next morning after an early breakfast I cycled into the park to check out the museum in the HQ before visiting Wind and Clearwater Cave the latter of which is one of the longest caves in the world.

The visit, as so much of the park’s sights are, is facilitated by a trip up the muddy river.

Wind Cave is particularly splendid with classic cave formations which feel like a Valley of the Giants version of caves in the UK since the tropical climate speeds everything up – in simple terms.

Clearwater is cave is absolutely huge and is still being discovered (there is an Anglo-Malay organisation charting it) year on year.

Obviously the show cave only gives you a taste of that, but the idea of these chambers and passages snaking for miles blows my mind.

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