Monday, May 29, 2017

CoffeeGirl77: Where Borneo Begins...

I have set foot at that very spot -- which according to historians, geographers, surveyors, cartographers, forestry experts etc -- is Where Borneo Begins.

This place is located at the remote and idyllic Tanjung Datu, accessible via Sematan in Lundu District.

A landmark in the middle of nowhere.

Apparently, according to experts, this is the westernmost tip of Sarawak.

Now to get here, one could either take a one-hour boatride from Sematan Long Jetty passing through the seasides of Kampung Telok Melano and Tanjung Datu National Park, to reach the shore of Tanjung Datu.

Or in my case - we took an alternative route which included a 45min drive via the underway Pan Borneo Highway from Sematan town to Kampung Telok Melano, then another 20min boatride from the jetty of Kampung Telok Melano to Tanjung Datu shores.

It was a worktrip, hence the roadtrip.

On a sidenote, the Pan Borneo Highway on this side of the highway is progressing rather well, in my opinion.

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