Monday, May 22, 2017

Caitlindonesia: Borneo - Orangutans, House Boats, and Tarantulas

Our first trip within our trip was to Kalimantan in Borneo, where we would spend 3 days on a house boat, cruising down the river and hanging out with orangutans.

Now, this trip was long and rich, so this post will be long but alsoooo so much will be left out! Boo!

Sam went on the same river boat trip a few years ago, and she had to work so she didn’t join us, and Vriz had to work, so it was just Liane, Grace (who lives with Sam and Vriz), and me.

We left early on Friday, got a taxi and headed to the airport.

We all only had a backpack and one extra bag so we didn’t need to check anything.

Last time I was here, Sam introduced me to Beard Papa, which is a little shop that sells fresh cream puffs.

You can pick what type of ‘shell’ and what type of cream that you want, and they stuff the puffs right then! I was really excited to get one for myself and for Liane.

Next to the Beard Papa shop, there was a Roti’o place.

I had never had Roti’o before but Grace said she loved it, and described it as a sweet bread with a glaze and butter in the middle.

Um, DUH we wanted to try it.

So Liane and I each got a roti’o and a cream puff.

Treat yo’ self, am I right?

Let me tell you about the Roti’o, ohmagosh it was so good.

It was this round bun with a COFFEE flavored frosting/glaze situation, it was warm, fluffy and light on the inside but kind of crispy on the outside.

But what pushes it over the edge is the butter in the middle.

Not frosting, not cream, just melty, delicious butter.

I could only eat Roti’o for the rest of my life and be happy… ok maybe not but you get the point.

Liane loved it too!

I think they were kind of underwhelmed with the cream puff after the Roti’o but so was I!

We hung out and ate our snacks and then boarded our plane.

The flight was only an hour long and much to our delight, we got little snack boxes! Inside was a little bottle of water, a piece of cake/bread, and a fried snack that is similar to an egg roll but with a thick crust as opposed to a wonton wrapper.

The snack tasted ok but it was room temperature which kind of freaks me out, so I ate the bread and drank the water, and Liane had my egg roll thing.

When we landed in Kalimantan, we were greeted with blue skies, big fluffy clouds, and 100000% humidity.

Jakarta is a big smoggy city that has a whole lot of pollution and haze so thick you can’t see the sky.

It was really nice to be somewhere with blue skies and fresh air, even though we had only been in Jakarta for one day.

Kalimantan is beautiful!

We were hot and tired, but excited to start the trip.

We left the airport and found our tour guide for the weekend, this really sweet, badass woman, Rini.

She put us in our taxi and off we went! We drove about 15 minutes into town and to the river, where we would board our home for the next 3 days!