Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Food and Film: Borneo

Borneo is an island split in 3, the Malay part, Brunei and the Indoesnian part.

I went to the Malaysian part, which is split into the Sarawak and Sabah regions, which are very different places to visit.

Sabah is in the North and where I began my journey in Kota Kinabalu.

I had a bit of a dilemma at the start due to my bag not arriving with me but once I arrived at the hotel and joined my tour, I met a girl called Emma and we decided to take my mind off the missing bag and grab some street food.

When we arrived at a popular street food stall we were quickly told to sit and they would bring us the food.

What we were presented with was a noodle soup with pieces of pork (I think?).

It was very bland but sorted Emma and my growling stomachs, the only thing which was wrong was there was a piece of meat that was circular, thin and had layers inside of it, which looked quite falic, so as we were about to embark into the jungle, Emma and I thought it would be best if we avoided this odd meat.

In the jungle our food mainly consisted of rice and noodles with a different meat dish accompanying it.

We were staying at a survival camp so our meals were cooked by locals.

The dishes they produced were amazing and it might just have been because we were trekking all day so we’re staving but I doubt it!

On the first night they produced this beautiful fragrant beef dish to accompany the rice.

It was rich in flavour and the beef was so juicy and not at all overstewed, which I find the case sometimes in Asian street food.

For a dessert they made banana fritters.

The bananas out here are a lot smaller in size but a lot sweeter than English bananas, which I much prefer.

The bananas were coated with flour and mixed eggs and then just fried to make them crunchy and were the perfect end to a meal.

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