Sunday, May 28, 2017

Canuck Walkabout: The One With The Big Noses – Borneo Part 2

On the boat ride into Bako National Park our driver said the storm was coming.

Around 30 minutes later, we could feel the change he felt.

The air temperature dropped slightly and the wind picked up… then some thunder in the distance.

Moments later the sky opened up and the sound of the huge rain drops on the sheet metal roofs made it difficult to talk. 

Tropical rain is an incredible experience to live through.

It completely takes over everything, with a fantastic intensity that gives a brief and very welcome respite from the constant heat and humidity.

The incredible thing about Bako National Park is the amount of wildlife readily on display.

This hit us right away, just in the sheer number of animals we saw in the 30 minutes between the boat and the start of the rain.

Mudskippers on the beach, a bearded pig causally strolling along the path, troops of macaques and langurs, and two extremely rare proboscis monkeys enjoying the afternoon in the vegetation by the beach.

This was in our first 30 minutes in the park.

If that was any indication, it was going to be a great few days. And oh, it was.

And of course, the strangest looking creature at the park.